Social Innovation Forum

About Social Innovation Forum

The Social Innovation Forum (SIF) creates positive social change in greater Boston by engaging leaders, strengthening organizations, and building networks. SIF does this by:

•    Engaging and informing funders and investors so they can direct
resources most effectively.
•    Educating and supporting leaders of nonprofit organizations and social impact businesses so they can deliver the most effective solutions to social issues.
•    Making connections and building relationships across diverse communities so people can help each other generate significant social change.

We are a Track Sponsor of the Social Innovator Accelerator, a program which provides a unique opportunity for innovative nonprofits to gain visibility, expand their networks, and build capacity. In each “track” one outstanding organization is selected to participate in a 24-month process of consulting, coaching, presentation advising, donor introductions, and performance measurement. The goal of the partnership is to help the selected organization reach its next stage of growth and development. Partnering with track sponsors, SIF builds their capacity and social impact over 24 months, while also connecting them to philanthropic donors and investors in the community.